Spike Jonze's cinematic "Where The Wild Things Are" adaptation may be generating a lot of buzz from critics, but before you make your way to theaters to relive those sweet Maurice Sendak children's book memories, it's important to remember what really matters: this movie/book/your fond childhood memory can be linked to action figures -- specifically ones produced by "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane's company nearly ten years ago.

According to a press release that is miraculously but fortunately still online from back in 2000, McFarlane dug Sendak's story of a boy who runs away from home to party with monsters just as much as the next kid:

"The Wild Things figures have fully captured the spirit of the book as well as brought together Todd and Maurice, with whom Todd has credited as providing his first exposure to monsters," according to McFarlane public relations director Ken Reinstein."

The toys don't come cheap anymore, so fans of the book might want to wait for newer merchandise based on the film. Of course, if you've got the cash, Ebay might be the place to drop it. The toys were pretty slick.

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