Sherwood imagePress Release

A preview of a brand new series from Glass House Graphics stalwarts David Lawrence and Filipino artist Anthony Tanis available now at the TokyoPop website!

SHERWOOD follows the adventures of a ne'er do well rogue of a knight – a guy who missed the boat for the Third Crusade because he was laid up with a hangover – who quite against his will finds himself playing the role of the noble hero Robin Hood.

He joins the resistance to evil Prince John hoping to get close to it leader, the heroic and beautiful Maid Marion – and hopefully make a quick buck in the process. But things don't quite go as planned.

Or, as he Robin might put it, "Steal from the rich and do WHAT?!?"

David and Anthony have given this their all and think TokyoPop would be a great home for their project. If you'd like to see more, be sure to give it a pop – that is, vote for it – while you are there! Comments and reviews are welcome too!

You have to register at the site to vote and leave comments, but registration is easy and free!

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