Anime and manga fans will be seeing a lot more of Tokyopop on Hulu starting this summer. The manga publisher's "Spring & Chaos" anime, the live-action "Van Von Hunter," reality show "America's Greatest Otaku," plus a batch of manga motion comics (motion manga?) are headed exclusively to the digital video site for exclusive streamage.

While "Spring and Chaos" feature is already live on Hulu, the "Van Von Hunter" film is set for a July release date, followed by the manga motion comics and then "America's Greatest Otaku" in the fall.

AGO's Hulu tie was teased upon earlier this summer when the reality show's search for talent as part of the Tokyopop Tour was announced. With the Hulu connection made official, potential contestants on the series should have a clearer picture of the size and scope of the stage they could be stepping onto. If participants are true otaku, however, their pride should shine brightly no matter what the audience size. Or something. I just want a kid dressed like Monkey D. Luffy to win.[Via ICv2]

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