Though Hasbro won't be releasing a specific action figure line in honor of The Wolverine movie this summer, the toymaker will still be paying a ton of toy attention to the best-he-is-at-what-he-does hero according to its Toy Fair 2013 press images. On top of a addition to a 12" "Titan Hero" figure, a "Slash Claw" 10" figure and role-play masks and claws (namely, a NERF foam claw!), Wolvie is getting a proper 6" Legends line of figures, plus a line of 3.75" "All-Star" toys. The Legends line will sport new versions of the Astonishing Wolverine, Cyclops, a separate Phoenix Five Cyclops, Sabretooth, a modern Rogue/Emma Frost 2-pack and a Puck build-a-figure. The 3.75" characters are a bit of a departure from the Marvel Universe model and will feature just a few points of articulation on its four Logan, Wolverine, Silver Samurai, and Shadow Strike Wolverine figures. You can get a closer look at each of Hasbro's official product images after the cut.

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Wolverine 6" Legends


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