Though you would have thought a great deal of Mattel's Toy Fair event would have been focused on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which to be fair it was, there were actually more new figures on hand from August's Suicide Squad film. Many of the Dawn of Justice figures have already hit retail, but the upcoming villain-led film made a surprise showing, and Mattel revealed almost the entire team this weekend.

Interestingly enough, there was no Suicide Squad branding on any of the new figures. Where DC Collectibles and other specialty lines can get away with putting the word "suicide" on the box, it's a tougher sell for mass market figures that will show up in Target and Walmart.

The Suicide Squad figures will fit in with the DC Multiverse line, offering 6" versions of the team in the branding you're already seeing for characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman for Dawn of Justice, and Flash and Green Arrow from their respective TV shows. Where those media properties get the film/show logo slapped on the side of the box, it'll be interesting to see what Mattel puts on these packages to indicate just where these guys came from.

Though you can see that a good percentage of the team was present at Toy Fair, you might be wondering why there's no Harley Quinn. So was everyone else. Mattel didn't have Harley at the show, but rest assured there is a Harley coming. It'd be hard for the company not to include her, given that she's getting the biggest push across the entire DC media slate in the coming year. Perhaps we'll get a glimpse of her before San Diego Comic-Con. I'm crossing my fingers for an Amanda Waller to make the cut too, but that's more so I can finally have a Viola Davis action figure to sit on my desk and stare sternly at me while I work.

The sculpts for all the Squaddies look decent, and it certainly looks like the Multiverse line is going to be improving with each wave. Actor likenesses aren't 100% on point, but they're fairly close for mass market figures. Some look better than others, but Mattel's managed to get decent accuracy in these prototypes. The best detail comes on the Joker, but that's only because he has all those tattoos to render. Most of the other costumes get simplified down for the 6" form, but Mattel's made sure to get the Joker just right. I'm not so sure they'll be able to do the same with Harley given that she's also wearing fishnets, which complicate that kind of detailing on her legs. We'll have to wait and see though.

The 12" versions of Joker and Deadshot look decent, but somehow also not as good as the 6" versions. Perhaps its because they offer the same amount of detail, but scaled up to twice the size. As you get bigger, you need to get more detailed to make up for how much more of a figure there actually is, or they end up looking a bit cartoonish. These are early enough in development that there might be some improvements made, but I won't hold my breath.


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