When your main characters are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, you're going to need to have big stories, and big powerful villains. Not just physically intimidating villains, but those who bring a broader sort of power to the table. And as we reach a turning point in "Better Together," the first storyline of Trinity, written and illustrated by Francis Manapul, the mastermind behind the entire plot has come to light, and it's just that sort of powerful villain: Mongul.

Mongul's been around since 1980, and he's probably best remembered by a lot of fans for another story involving the whole Trinity, 1985's "For the Man Who Has Everything" by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, from Superman Annual #11. That's a the story where he gave Superman an evil alien flower that gave him a vision of his ideal life.

But it's not Mongul who's using plants to mess with Superman's idyllic life in these preview pages. Mongul isn't even on the scene, and it's Poison Ivy holding Superman's family and friends captive while she explains her goals to Lois. She doesn't know this is Superman's family, she just knows there's some power source nearby (spoilers: it's Superman). Her goals are surprisingly sympathetic, however, and of course what Manapul does with her and the green world around her is gorgeous.

Trinity #5 arrives on January 18, with a variant cover by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz in addition to the regular Manapul cover.


Francis Manapaul (DC Comics)
Francis Manapaul (DC Comics) Click to enlarge.
Francis Manapaul (DC Comics) Click to enlarge.
Cover by Bill Sienkievicz (DC Comics)


Here's the official word from DC:

“BETTER TOGETHER” part five! Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must battle for their lives against their greatest foes in an arena of their own making! And the fight won’t be done until they confront each other in this deadly match. The mastermind behind this attack has revealed himself at last: Mongul is back!