Earlier this month, DC Comics announced their upcoming Trinity War storyline. Written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire, the story will show the three Justice League teams facing off against each other, with Phantom Stranger, The Question and Pandora at the center of the conflict. The series will serve as the first big Justice League crossover in the New 52, and with so many characters involved, DC Comics has decided they'll need more space to tell this tale, announcing today that three tie-in stories -- Trinity of Sin: Pandora, Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger, and Constantine -- have been added to the schedule.The news was announced today over at IGN, where they interviewed Justice League editor Brian Cunningham, who spoke about the relationship between the teams:

Summer is traditionally the big "summer popcorn extravaganza," and Trinity War definitely qualifies. It's not only the first New 52 meeting of all three Justice League teams, it's the first time we'll see how they all interrelate. And what's really fun is that they don't all get along, as you can probably figure out from that gorgeous Ivan Reis triptych image that everyone's seen by now.

Trinity War will be a crossover between all three Justice League books, written by Johns and Lemire with art by Ivan Reis, Doug Mahnke and Mikel Janin. The story will feature the first New 52 meetings of several characters involved. Though the story officially starts in July, Pandora #1 -- the first issue of a new monthly series starring the mysterious character introduced at the launch of the New 52 (who appeared in the background of every first issue) -- will serve as a prelude of sorts, according to DC. Pandora, along with Phantom Stranger and The Question, will be at the center of the story.

Trinity War begins in Justice League #22.

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