Just released to the web in support of the Walt Disney Records' soundtrack album, this TRON: Uprising music video sets to music some of the most inspired moments of visual splendor that characterize this audacious animated series. Helmed by visionary director Charlie Bean and featuring the brilliant character designs of Robert Valley, boundary-pushing storyboard work by ComicsAlliance favorite Eric Canete and contributions from so many other talented artists, the Disney XD series has been nominated for numerous Annie awards and should be appointment viewing for adventure comic book readers and all lovers of stylish design, animation and moody sci-fi story.

Unfortunately, a mass audience and Uprising have yet to truly find each other -- a challenge enhanced by the show's cascading timeslots, which have included midnight broadcasts -- and multiple outlets are reporting that the show will not be returning for a second season. If you've never given TRON: Uprising a shot, the clip below will give you an eye(and ear)full of what you've been missing.TRON: Uprising features story work by Legacy screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and is set between that sequel and the original TRON. In this cartoon, Tron trains a successor, a young program called Beck, to take his place in defending the The Grid from Clu 2, the tyrannical artificial intelligence who betrayed The Grid's human creator, Kevin Flynn.

Composed by Joseph Trapanese, Daft Punk's collaborator on the gorgeous TRON: Legacy film score, the excellent Uprising score was released just this week on CD, iTunes, Amazon, etc. The soundtrack features 20 selections, many of which contain the original synthesizer patches and sound palette created by Daft Punk for their score. The music video is cut to 3OH!3 and JT's remix of Trapanese's "Lightbike Battle" cue.

The timing of the clip's release makes it less of a cool piece of promo than a mournful tribute to a series that truly sought to expand the scope of American television animation. As Canete said on Twitter, "We're gonna look back at this show and think, 'We really had something there."

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