Bummed as I was to say goodbye to new episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold back in 2011, it's legit to see that star Diedrich Bader hasn't strayed too far from voicing more superhero show fare. This Sunday on Disney XD, Bader jumps to the Marvel Universe to voice a villain in the latest episode of Ultimate Spider-Man, "Kraven the Hunter." His prey? None other than Spider-Man's friend and fellow SHIELD trainee, White Tiger. Comic fans may remember Kraven's initial USM incarnation as something of a reality TV joke initially, but the animated version seems more than capable of giving Spider-Man, White Tiger and, well, anybody a run for their money. In fact, he's already claimed a victim with close ties to one of the young heroes.From Disney XD's official episode synopsis:

Spider-Man helps White Tiger come to terms with her powers and origin while she is hunted by a villain from her past, in a new episode of "Ultimate Spider-Man," SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3 (11:00 - 11:30 a.m. ET/PT) on Marvel Universe on Disney XD. Guest starring is Diedrich Bader ("The Drew Carey Show") as Kraven.

You can see three clips from this Sunday's "Kraven the Hunter" episode of Ultimate Spider-Man below.

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