After rocking the "Ultimate Comics" numbering for 15 issues, "Ultimate Spider-Man" returns to its original numbering in celebration of its 150th official installment and the tenth anniversary of the Ultimate Universe itself, according the Marvel November solicits released today. The solicits also contained the news that the "Daredevil" comic will be ending with issue #512 -- or at least, this particular iteration/numbering of the series will be ending.

Weighing in at 104 pages, November's "Ultimate Spider-Man" #150 will feature the expanded art team of David Lafuente, Skottie Young, Sara Pichelli, Jamie McKelvie and more (with covers by Lafuente and J. Scott Campbell) under the pen of regular series writer Brian Michael Bendis.Here's how Marvel breaks down the issue's story content:

"Poor Peter Parker has made such a mess of his life as Spider-Man that the other super heroes are forced to gather together and decide once and for all what to do with the young wall crawler. Guest starring the New Ultimates, the Storm Siblings, Ben Grimm, Iceman, Kitty Pryde and a slew of surprise stars! Also includes reprinting of Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1 featuring an all-star artist line-up!"

It's not yet known whether the numbering change will stick following this special issue. The shift certainly wouldn't hinder Disney XD's upcoming efforts to brand the animated "Ultimate Spider-Man" series, though.