Marvel's teasers for the new year have been bountiful of late, with 2010 images of both Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four making the rounds. Today, however, Marvelites get a glimpse of what February has in store for the Ultimate universe - namely with the upcoming "Ultimate X."

"Who or what is Ultimate X?" That's a fine question! As we reported back in November when the first image of Jeph Loeb and Arthur Adams' clawed high schooler surfaced (who I asserted had an Edward Cullen sulk happening), the dude looks a lot like Wolverine. Our commenters had some interesting theories on how the clawed one may have returned from his apparent demise during "Ultimatum." Of course, it's just as likely that this is a brand new character.

Judging from his silhouetted compatriots bearing characteristics of other dead X-Men (Phoenixy fire, Angelic wings, uh...Booty booted feet?), it looks like some other fallen friends could be making a comeback too.

One could hazard that this "new" Wolverine is Logan (they still call him "Logan" in the Ultimate universe, right?) regenerated from a single drop of blood or something - only it got mixed with some other stuff, like mutagen from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or a magic spell and now Wolverine is younger and handsomer than before. It'd take a lot of magic to remove his body hair, though, so maybe it is a son/clone/Ultimate Skrull/time traveling robot.

But hey, if it looks like a Wolverine and "Snikt!s" like a Wolverine...