As part of the same domino-tipping of inspiration and creativity that began with Nate Cosby & Evan Shaner's six-panel Captain Marvel and continued with Mike Maihack's six-panel Supergirl/Batgirl, writer Kevin Church and artist Eric Canete have created a six-panel comic starring classic DC Comics villain Ultra-Humanite. Praised as "excellent and hysterical" by Mark Waid himself, the strip finds the tremendous body-hopping intellect that is the Ultra-Humanite reading Proust and doing some super science, but still failing to make an important discovery.

If you're unfamiliar with the Ultra-Humanite, simply read on. As with the other comics in this series, the writers and artists fully express the characters in just six panels.Church and Canete's Ultra-Humanite strip appeared last week as a special edition of The Rack, the ongoing webcomics series written by Church and drawn by Benjamin Birdie about the employees of a fictional comic book store, some of whom appeared in the PSA From Panels series here at ComicsAlliance. The Rack is part of Church's prolific Agreeable Comics line, which also The Loneliest Astronauts with Ming Doyle, among other series. A collected edition of Church and T.J. Kirsch's She Died In Terrebonne: A Sam Kimimura Mystery is forthcoming from Nan Bu Nan.

The artist of Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin, The End League and the extremely lovely art book ENCOR[e], Eric Canete's work is among the most beautifully kinetic in comics. He regularly posts commissions, sketches and other work on his blog. Canete's Ultra-Humanite strip was colored by Jordie Bellaire.

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