I think I will not be alone in saying that Choose Your Own Adventure books are freaking great, and that when I was a kid -- a time when you don't have so many choices in your life -- the idea of being able to personally steer the adventures of the hero or heroine was a particular thrill, even if most of the time those choices meant I ended up dead thanks to cobras, lasers, witches, or the razor-like claws of various monsters.

Readers of the Eisner-nominated Vertigo series "The Unwritten" by Mike Carey and Peter Gross will get a chance to relive the Choose Your Own Adventure experience in the upcoming issue "The Unwritten" #17, where readers will be able to take control of the fate of Lizzie Hexam, explore her past, and lead her into adventure and peril in what Vertigo is calling a non-copyright infringing "Pick-a-Story" book. Check out our preview after the jump!

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