Fans have had a fairly mixed reaction to the news that Ryan Reynold's "Green Lantern" movie costume would be completely computer generated, but it seems like there will far less controversy regarding the fact that the upcoming GL animated series will be rendered completely by computers. GL ring constructs have been rendered in CG for years, after all.

According to Comics Continuum, Jim Krieg, writer of Cartoon Network's CG animated "Firebreather" adaptation has signed on as story editor of the as-yet informally scheduled "Green Lantern" animated series, which apparently won't take on the attributes of its animated predecessor "Green Lantern: First Flight" (pictured above).

Fans first caught wind of Warner Bros. Animation's GL series when Geoff Johns dropped hints of its existence during Emerald City last March. WB's first CG franchise featuring a mainstream DCU hero will (not surprisingly) star Hal Jordan, Kilowog and (a little more surprisingly) a Red Lantern. Apparently the series won't tie-in directly to the live-action films, though, meaning the inclusion of a raging ring-slinger isn't necessarily an indication that Red Lanterns will appear in the GL movieverse.Comics Continuum also mentioned that the next Batman animated series to follow this year's final season of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" will also likely be CG animated. If so, it could mean the DCU will take a major page from Marvel's CG animated offerings like "Iron Man: Armored Adventures." There's plenty of room for speculation regarding the future of superhero animated series (including whether any might capitalize on 3D TV technology), but I'm really too busy hoping the GL show's secret Red Lantern will be Dex-Star.

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