In a move similar to putting a talking goat on one of the covers of Quantum & Woody #1, Valiant Comics has teamed up with Cinefix for a "fully animated," 8-bit variant cover to November's Unity #1.

Of course, the cover itself isn't animated. Smartphone owners can scan a code on the cover to watch a two-minute-and-thirty-second video that uses Super Mario Bros. 3 graphics to explain the premise of the series.

"We've been huge fans of CineFix's '8-Bit Cinema' since day one, and the CineFix team, along with our Assistant Editor Josh Johns, have managed to the capture the heart and soul of the characters behind Unity," Valiant Executive Editor said in a press release from the publisher.



The 8-bit style video also follows in the footsteps of Valiant's similarly themed Harbinger Wars crossover covers by artist Matthew Waite this past spring.

The first issue of Unity, Valiant's new team series by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite, is out November 13 in comic shops and via digital formats.

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