The root words of Nintendo's indomitable Pokémon franchise are, as we all know, "pocket" and "monster," and yet there's never really been much monstrous about even the scariest species since its largely meant to appeal to all ages. Taking a page from Tim Burton's stylebook as defined in his classic films like Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and others, art student Vaughn Pinpin has infused the catchable critters with some spookiness. Pinpin humbly clarified that he'd only be working on his this art series in his spare time after collecting his first batch of what I'm calling "Burtonmon," but has pretty steadily released more and more monsters on his Tumblr and is currently sitting at #19 a.k.a. Rattata - that's more than 1/10th of the entire 151 original fighters from PKMN Red/Blue/Green/Yellow). It should be exciting to see if Pinpin finishes the entire series over the coming months, especially if he goes all out and puts his spin on the most beloved item-inflating glitch monster of all, MissingNo. Take a look at Pinpin's Burtonmon after the jump.

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