With the premiere of Season 5 of The Venture Bros. this past Sunday, show creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick relaunched their Shirt of the Week Club featuring limited-edition Venture Bros.apparel. In the spirit of season 5 opener "What Color Is Your Clean Suit?", The Venture Bros. Shirt Club released two designs showcasing Rusty Venture's poorly-moderated Palaemon Project and Hank Venture's dubious business empire, Hank Co.

Originally founded in 2008, The Venture Bros. Shirt Club releases a new shirt simultaneously with every new episode (Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim), available for purchase only until the airing of the next episode the following week.

The Venture Bros. Shirt Club is currently offering a subscription option until June 7, with all nine shirts (plus an exclusive subscription-only shirt) available for the flat price of $165. Each shirt features an exclusive design (by Doc Hammer and/or Jackson Publick) related to their corresponding episodes, and are available in both men's and women's sizes.

Venture Bros. Shirt Club, No. 1: Palaemon Project, $20 [link]

Venture Bros. Shirt Club, No. 2: HankCo, $20 [link]

Venture Bros. Shirt Club, Bonus Shirt: Now In Glorious Extra Color, free with Venture Bros Shirt Club Subscription [link]

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