Loki, the Asgardian God of Lies and popular villain-turned-antihero, is running for President in a new series coming from Marvel Comics this June. That's basically all we know so far. The press release said only this:


All-new series places a different candidate on the ballot this presidential election season




My first question is, how is Loki qualified for the office? Loki is older than the United States of America, so there's no way he could be a natural-born citizen by any definition. But I suppose that's where the lying comes in? Loki has died and been reborn enough times that it seems theoretically feasible that at some point he could have born born in the U.S.

In addition to being an ancient mythological god and occasional supervillain, Loki's also the first major queer candidate for President. After all, he's effectively pansexual, although as he points out in Young Avengers, Asgardians don't really use those kinds of labels. He's also gender fluid, albeit in a more shape-shifty way than most gender fluid people you'll meet in real life. I'm curious if any of this will come up in his campaign.

But of course, we don't currently have any idea what his campaign will look like, and whether or not he'll actually be running as his undisguised self. We don't even know the creative team. Judging by one of the covers that's been released, we do know that Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Loki's sister Angela are involved. Angela has the look of a Secret Service type. Maybe Sam is Loki's running mate? Hopefully we'll know more soon.