This week, ComicsAlliance is proud contractually obligated to bring you The Third Annual War Rocket Ajax Christmas Special! It's the season of miracles as hosts Chris Sims and Matt Wilson have a holiday team-up with special guests Matt Fraction and Adam Warrock to bring our listeners a podcast featuring a track-by-track review of the Christmas album by the Insane Clown Posse.

Yes, really. And you can listen to the whole show right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax v.2, #25: The Christmas Curse of the Juggalo with Matt Fraction and Adam Warrock

(WARNING: Contains EXTREMELY NSFW language.)

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Christmas with the War Rocket Ajax crew starts out strange with Matt becoming a were-juggalo and just gets weirder as Fraction and Euge join us for the only cure that can save Christmas: a journey into Holiday Heat, the Christmas album featuring every member of the Psychopathic Records family.

Before we get into the track-by-track annotations, we have some initial thoughts:

Fraction: Listen, I non-ironically love Steely Dan. I have the Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Christmas Record. This is, without a doubt, not just the worst Christmas album of all time, the worst collection of sounds put in a sequence.

Warrock: What's funny is that a lot of these songs are parodying famous rap songs, right?

Fraction: Is it parody, or are they so bereft of ideas?

Warrock: I don't know! The thing is, like, if they weren't so sincere and earnest about what they were doing, if they were like "This is a joke and we're going to take 'Gin and Juice' and turn it into a song about Christmas but be ultraviolent and horrible in it and it's going to be hilairous and we don't care," you could almost understand some logic in there. But they're so sincere about it that you're like, what is going through your mind when you remake "How I Could Just Kill a Man" and make it all about murdering Santa, to the point where I believe that you truly do think Santa is real and that you actually want to murder him?

Matt Wilson comes in with a few figures:

Wilson: Since Euge brought up the amount of killing Santa that is on this album, I did a calculation. I calculated the entire runtime of Holiday Heat, which is 56 minutes -- yes, it's only 56 minutes long... Of its 56-minute runtime, 23 minutes are dedicated to either killing, maiming or otherwise injuring Santa Claus. That's 40% of Holiday Heat.

And before long, we get into the mysterious land of Juggalo Grammar:

Warrock: Can we just talk for a second about the name "Blaze Ya Dead Homie" as the name of a rapper? This is one of the most fascinating things on this entire album. We talked a little about this before we started recording, but it's worth bringing up again for the listeners: His name is Blaze Ya Dead Homie. That's one rapper's name.

Fraction: It's short for "Blazer Ya Dead Homie."

Wilson: We were talking about grammar and Psychopathic -- they don't use commas, ever. So, Blaze Ya Dead Homie could be one of three things: He could be Blaze Ya Dead Homie, as in a command, like "go blaze your dead homie." He could be, "My name's Blaze! Your dead homie!"

Fraction: Like Casper, the Friendly Ghost!

Wilson: Exactly. Or, he could be an exclamation. "Blaze! You're dead, homie!"

Sims: We can only guess what part of speech the word "blaze" is.

Fraction: Although, wait, it could be "Blaze ya, dead homie!" Like, "I miss you, my fallen friend."

Warrock: Oh man, that's genius. So there are four possible meanings to this guy's name.

Later, we discover that it is indeed a Casper-type situation.

Plus, Matt and Chris exchange Christmas presents, holiday wishes from our readers, and Matt Fraction's present to himself, all on this extra-sized holiday spectacular!

Show Notes:

You can follow Matt Fraction on Twitter!

You can also follow Euge Ahn, AKA Adam Warrock! And while you're at it, check out his music and download free tracks from, where he'll be sure to post his Blaze Ya Dead Homie-inspired mixtape soon.

Speaking of Euge's twitter, he actually made the requested confession:

Check out the ICP's promotional video for Sugar Slam's Super Live Toy Drive last year, where Holiday Heat was given out as an incentive for Juggacharity. Again, it is super unsafe for work!

As an antidote to Holiday Heat, Matt Fraction recommends DJ Riko's Merry Mixmas!

Chris' Gift to Matt: Sergio Leone's Duck, You Sucker (AKA A Fistful of Dynamite):

Matt's Gift To Chris: A signed 8 by 10 of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair:

Thanks to all our listeners, and Merry Christmas! We'll see you all in 2012 with a brand new episode of War Rocket Ajax!

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