Based on the DC Comics superheroes, Beware the Batman and Young Justice are two examples of animated shows that haven't exactly been treated well. Both Warner Bros. series were unceremoniously pulled from Cartoon Network, only to return to burn off episodes (in some cases, in the middle of the night).

Treatment like that would seemingly indicated little commitment to release the series on home video, but never fear, fans. Warner Archive announced this week that it will release the second part of Beware the Batman's first season and the complete first season of Young Justice on Blu-Ray. Along with those, the company will also offer the full second season of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and the classic 1960s Aquaman animated series will be available through Warner Archive's streaming service.

All the Blu-Rays will be available Sept. 30; the Aquaman cartoon is up and available for streaming right now.

For proof of just how badly Beware the Batman has been treated on TV, Cartoon Network will be broadcasting the last seven episodes of the critically acclaimed series during a Sept. 28 Toonami block, running from 2:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. Toonami's Tumblr even stated that Beware the Batman has been "written off, financially."  Young Justice got treated similarly, but it was pretty much just yanked off TV with no public explanation, but the fates of these shows are in line with several dedicated action/adventure series in recent years, such as Tron: Uprising and Motorcity, as children's animation becomes more and more dedicated to comedy.

Warner Bros. routinely releases DVDs of its animated series in chunks rather than full seasons, only offering the complete seasons sometime later, likely after some calculations involving financial viability. So seeing Young Justice get a full-season release is pretty encouraging for fans, with the rest of the series hopefully coming soon.



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