I've mentioned before that I've always been fascinated by comics and video games that never quite made it to the shelves, and this week, YouTube's PTOPOnline, which specializes in unearthing those exact unreleased games, found one that's of particular interest: a Justice League fighting game for XBox360 that was in production back in 2012.

What makes this one so interesting (at least to me) is that we actually did get a Justice League fighting game (of sorts) in the form of Injustice: Gods Among Us just a year after this one was in development. Well, that, and the fact that it's illustrated with that timeless comic book conflict of Bizarro vs. Bane, in what seems to be a battle of who can best punch the other directly in the crotch. Give it a watch!

I gotta say, I would love to read the story about why Lady Shiva was helping Bizarro fight Bane. That setup raises a lot of questions.

If you're into a more traditional match-up that comics fans never seem to tire of no matter how many times they see it, PTOPOnline also posted Superman vs. Batman:



According to PTOPOnline, the game was in development from Double Helix, the studio that previously made a Green Lantern game tying into the least-loved entry in the Ryan Reynolds superhero film canon before being canceled. It makes sense that it would be cancelled given that it was in development at the same time as Injustice, which, for all its flaws, was definitely on a fast track after the bizarre Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe crossover game.

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