Wow, is it Thursday already? It must be, because once again, speculation over a possible Watchmen sequel is running rampant on the Comics Internet! This time, it was kicked off by a post over at the ever-reliable Bleeding Cool from a completely reliable but anonymous source confirming beyond any possible shadow of a doubt that DC is pursuing a new story set in the world of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' groundbreaking 1986 series.

Obviously, this is a huge news story to the point where it's even trending on Twitter, which, as anyone who watches WWE programming these days knows, is the most reliable to way to tell when something is super-important. And in these days of social media dominance, it's also the fastest way to find out new information before anyone else. That's why ComicsAlliance has made the extra effort to find all the best 100% True* Watchmen 2 News that Twitter has to offer!First up, I break the story of just who will be starring in this all-new Watchmadventure!

And not only that, but we've got a ComicsAlliance Exclusive look at Rorschach II, from character designer @Spearhafoc_:

Now that's an objectively strong female character! And it also shines a new light on the title of the new series, as revealed by ComicsAlliance editor Andy Khouri:

Andy also lets us in on the groundbreaking technique that they're planning to use to go one step beyond what Moore and Gibbons did to create a masterpiece for the 21st century!

CA Editor Caleb Goellner even brings us a look at the very first cover design!

@Velcrobinson gives us a few details on the shrewd marketing behind the planned Watchmen Prequel:

If you're ready for some ***SPOILERS!!!!***, @Brennanator brings you a comprehensive breakdown of the twists and turns of the Watchmen for the New 52 Generation!

The great Jason Ho leaked a piece of art showing how Watchmen 2 is going to be tied into one of the cornerstones of the New 52 DC Universe:

@ChrisMurrin points out that the new Watchmen is going to preserve the metafictional aspects of the original:

It's definitely pretty exciting stuff, but the most exciting piece of information that we've learned from Twitter? The creative team behind the Watchmen relaunch! And you may want to make sure you're sitting down, because this is a shocker: Watchmen 2 will be written by Moore!

Kansas City's own B. Clay Moore, that is:

But the biggest news is who's going to be bringing you the art. Sure, the original story speculates that Andy Kubert will be involved, but the real news is far more mind-blowing.

Could it be that the art of Watchmen 2 will be brought to you by The Rob Liefeld?!

He's playing it cool, but my journalistic instincts say yes!

Stay tuned to ComicsAlliance for more 100% True* news about Watchmen 2 as this exciting story develops!

*: Actual truth percentage slightly exaggerated.

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