While we admit that the logo they came up with is actually pretty brilliant, we here at ComicsAlliance were pretty shocked by last week's announcement that "Watchmen," Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' deeply cerebral work about the nature of super-heroics in "real-world" situations, would now be represented as tiny plastic HeroClix figures.

We can only assume that the decision to do a "Watchmen" HeroClix set was motivated by the fact that action figures just aren't ironic enough, but hey: It could be worse! Even with the question of just what the Comedian's "attack" stat represents hanging over every 'Clix match, there actually are games that would be even less appropriate for the themes of the graphic novel, and ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims and Caleb Goellner are here show just what they'd be.

Watchmonopoly: Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. But remember: You're not trapped in there with them... they're trapped in there with you (until you pay $50 or roll doubles).

Watchmen Twister: Right Hand Blue. No, your other right hand. No, your OTHER other right hand.

Watchmen Pictionary: "What does your card say?" "Butterfly. Yours?" "Uh, you don't want to know. I pass."

Watchmen Operation: "Removing my 'Funny Bone' was the first trick I learned. It didn't kill Ostermann... did you think it would kill me?"

Watchmen Clue: The game that ended thirty-five minutes ago! (HINT: It's always Veidt.)

Watchmen Risk: Given the mathematics, sooner or later, someone flipping over the board and going to play video games would be inevitable.

And finally...

Silk Spectre's Mystery Date: Let's see which one of the hunky guys she ends up with when Laurie opens the door...

Aw, tough break, Laurie!

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