Even though we may have our differences, I think we can all agree that people who bring cookies to comic book conventions are some of the best people around -- especially when those cookies are delicious tributes to the comics themselves. It may not happen often, but when it does, it tends to be pretty spectacular.

Case in point, Tamara Jones, the blogger behind Baker in the Basement, who went to last weekend's Toronto Comics Art Festival with some awesome confectionery versions of her favorite webcomics. Check out Dinosaur Comics, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and more in cookie form!According to Jones' post, the whole project was inspired when she noticed that one of her cookie cutters bore a striking resemblance to T-Rex in Panel 5 of Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics:

Rather than just sticking with main characters, though, Jones went for some pretty awesomely clever tie-ins, like the clover shurikens that inspired the McNinja clan in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, which are sure to become a new Katanakka tradition:

There's also a tribute to Cricket, the huge-eyed, water-resistant cat in Johnny Wander:

There was also a pretty amazing icing drawing of McPedro, the talking, sombrero-sporting cactus in Girls With Slingshots (NSFW language):

And the pretty amazing tribute to Jess Fink's Chester 5000 XYV (NSFW everything), featuring what I believe is the only image from that comic we're allowed to post here at ComicsAlliance:

My favorite, though, were edible Machine of Death cards, representing the 100% accurate death predictions issued. Not only is it a pretty clever tribute to the book, but it also plays on every comics creator's innate fear of death by fan:

For more webcomic cookies and a bigger look at the ones above, check out Baker in the Basement! Just make sure not to look when you're hungry, because everything on that page looks delicious.

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