We've been under a deluge of comic book movies for what seems like decades. The frequency at which our favorite characters like Spider-Man, Hellboy and the Hulk are appearing on the silver screen has increased tremendously since the early aughts, and so has the desire to take a part of these movies home with us.

Though the prop replica market has definitely seen a drastic increase in volume over the past few years, there's nothing quite like owning a piece of the real thing. We did some digging to see just what kind of comic book film memorabilia was currently setting the internet auction house aflame. After looking around a bit, it soon became clear that the really good goods were nowhere to be found, so what we were left with was... a little bit more on the fringe of fandom.

While a great number of offerings were on-screen outfits worn by the stars, there were some really interesting objects up for grabs, too. As nice as it would be to take home the suit James Franco wore in Spider-Man 2, it's a little bit straightfoward as far as props go. It's not like it was his Green Goblin suit or anything. No, the things that captured our eye were a little bit weirder.  Things like the menu to the diner Mary Jane worked at in Spider-Man or a crumbling old book seen in Hellboy. That's the kind of weird stuff we're into, and that's the kind of stuff that made the cut for the Weirdest Comic Book Movie Props You Can Buy.

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