Every year, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund assists in holding a national Will Eisner Week, celebrating one of the most innovative and powerful voices in the history of the medium. Through the week of March 6 (March 1-10), fans can celebrate Eisner's work and the medium he enriched, through a host of different events in major cities across the United States.Eisner is widely regarded as "the father of the graphic novel" and credited with coining the term, but even without that title his highly-regarded work on The Spirit assures him an undeniable place in comic history. Indeed, it's why one of the highest honors in comics is winning a Will Eisner Comic Industry Award.

Will Eisner Week events set to be held in cities across North America include lectures, readings, sketch sessions, documentary screenings and more. A diverse mix of creators such as Matt Fraction, Mario Hernandez, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Scott! Shaw, Michael Avon Oeming, Stephen R. Bissette, Jackie Estrada, Ben Saunders, Diana Schutz, Andrew and Jon Cooke, Jeremy Dauber, A. David Lewis, Stephen Weiner, Chuck Henebry, Danny Fingeroth, Brian Michael Bendis and others are set to participate, demonstrating Eisner's far-reaching, enduring legacy. Those without an event nearby can also participate in spirit by tracking down part of the creator's expansive body of work at their local retailer, digitally via ComiXology and others, or by visiting their local library.

For more information, including a full list of events, you can check out the official Will Eisner Week site.

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