The last time Tony Stark and Steve Rogers saw one another, their relationship was strained to say the least. As Iron Man, Tony had pretty much sold out his comrades and become the ultimate control freak in Civil War, which (arguably) lead directly to the untimely demise of the original Captain America's.

Well, now that Cap is relatively back in business and Iron Man has erased his own brain, the two kind of have a clean slate, right?


While Marvel's not leaking many plot details from December's "Siege" #1, this new cover image hints that Stark could hopefully be hopping back in the saddle alongside his former amigo.

The "Siege" event is rumored to bring the band back together, as it were, reuniting Thor, Cap and Iron Man to demolish the "Dark Reign" that's had a grip on the Marvel universe for some time now.

If happier days are indeed ahead, I imagine the issue could play out something like this:

Who's with me?!

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