With "Blackest Night" wrapping before long and a brighter day coming later this spring, things are looking up for the Green Lantern Corps. DC's solicitations (and The Source's mention) for May might even indicate that the Corps brightest days could even extend into the 31st century.

Yildiray Cinar's cover to "The Legion of Super-Heroes" #1 reveals that at least one member of the relaunched Legion could be sporting dueling rings. DC solicitation info indicates Paul Levitz's story will tie into "Green Lantern Corps," which gives one the impression that this is not just a fake-out by Chameleon Boy. Probably.

If flight rings are still rare in the new continuity, I hope this one is just a decoration - otherwise the possible "Teen Lantern" might want to pop on an orange finger ornament. Then again, if this ring-slinger is talented enough to wear green directly next to something yellow then he might be just what the new Legion will need to keep the future flowing.

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