What do you get when you combine Wolverine's head, Captain America's torso, one of Iron Man's boots, one of the Thing's legs, one arm of the Hulk's and another from the Human Torch's? Apparently, you don't quite get a Super Skrull, but rather a still very awesome "Marvel Mashup" Qee from Jeremy Gibbs.

Such a discovery would not have been made if not for the launch of the new Toy2R USA website, which was brought to our attention by the fine folks at our mother site, Asylum. (Thanks, mom!)

The new site essentially allows English reading consumers to easily navigate Toy2R's wares. As they are a Hong Kong-based establishment, such exploration wasn't quite so easy before. Now, ordering Qees from Toy2R is super easy.

Even easier is gawking at the amazing gallery of custom made Qees, from which the above pictured Marvel Mashup is derived. Other highlights from the gallery include the Stitch Qee and also the "100% Pure Qeef," which isn't nearly as dirty as it sounds.

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