Faith Erin Hicks
("Zombies Calling") has some work coming up in the long-delayed "Girl Comics" #2, out this week, but she's also done us the favor of posting a hilarious 11-page comic about Wolverine -- her first unsuccessful pitch for "Girl Comics" -- on her website. Like much of "Girl Comics" (and Marvel's indie-oriented "Strange Tales" miniseries), the comic offers refreshingly different take on superheroes -- in this case, a funny and manga-influenced one that's mostly about how much living with teenagers irritates Wolverine.

Personally, I've always loved the little windows into the day-to-day life of the X-Men we sometimes got in the comics, and often even enjoyed them even more than the punching and optic beaming. Here, Wolverine spends almost the entire comic in his pajamas, fuming about how Kitty keeps hogging his bathroom, and how the New Mutants ate his special Canadian eggs even though the carton totally had his name on them! Now he has to go to the grocery store again, and of course there are ninjas.

This is the most fun I've had reading an X-Men comic since Jeff Parker was writing "X-Men: First Class," even if it's unofficial. And it's great to see that Hicks doing work for Marvel, even if they didn't pounce on this little gem as I clearly think they should have. I'd love to see artists like Hicks -- and Hicks specifically -- doing a lot of more of this, and since the House of Ideas has seemed increasingly willing to experiment with outside-the-box projects and art, perhaps nothing is impossible?

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