The Marvel Universe has always lent itself pretty well to team-up stories, but it turns out that one of the greatest meetings in comics history never actually made it to the page. It came in the form of a tryout page from the '90s, and involved Wolverine of the X-Men having an unexpected encounter with the legendary frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury.

On its own, the page is pretty great, but thanks to the inimitable Colleen Coover, it's gotten even better. Inspired by the original page, she created her own version, and encouraged others to do the same. The results? Pretty amazing.Here's the original page:

According to Coover, this page was done by "an unknown hopeful," and preserved for posterity by the Marvel Bullpen's Steve Bunche and Darren Auck. Unfortunately, that's all that's known about the original creator -- although I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be the work of a young Chris Haley -- but I hope that he made it into comics. This is exactly the kind of creativity the industry needs.

Colleen Coover agreed, and provided her own version to kick things off:

That was followed up by a version from Costa Koutsoutis:

And another from Anna Sahrling-Hamm, in which Mercury traded his iconic mic stand for an apple:

Garage Raja's Matthew J. Rainwater took Mercury to titanic proportions and added an extradimensional doorway to the mix:

The self-depricating Nick Can't Draw added in one of my favorite sound effects ever, "Noise Downstairs."

And finally -- for now, anyway -- Andrew Meyerhoefer took things to their logical conclusion:


I am not even kidding when I say that I would read a monthly comic about Wolverine meeting Freddie Mercury, even if every month was just 20 different versions of the same page by different artists. So if you'd like to add your interpretation to Wolverine's search for Wolverine's Night at the Opera and/or Day at the Races, don't let us stop you now! Show us what you have in the comments below!

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