You know from our tireless championing of fan-made faux-trailers like that of The Avengers that we are easily impressed by clever ideas and decent editing skills. So please try to imagine the it-hurts-so-good brain trauma we suffered after watching this brilliant Wolverine Vs. The Hand trailer by Gary Shore. Rather than repurpose existing footage and familiar music, Shore created original graphics of incredible quality and animated them storyboard-style. The result is a haunting and beautiful approach to Wolverine that we can only hope Darren Aronofsky approximates with his forthcoming film, The Wolverine.Gary Shore is a commercial director and illustrator who is obviously a big X-Men fan. Likely prompted by Aronofsky's intention to set The Wolverine in Japan, Shore pits Hugh Jackman against the Hand ninja clan. Featuring music by V for Vital, original photography and all sorts of digital manipulations that we will never, never understand, the trailer also stars a sexy martial arts goddess who may or may not be Mariko Yashida. It's just awesome.

Bravo to Mr. Shore, who's definitely set a new standard. Check out more of his work at Vimeo.