For some fans, the ultimate collector's item might be a completely accurate costume so that you can dress as your favorite superhero, but I've always been more interested in a few other accessories. Not the batarangs or web-shooters, although those are always nice, but the big stuff, the actual home decor that you'd see in a Batcave. Sadly, giant pennies are prohibitively expensive and there's no way my living room is big enough to house a robotic Tyrannosaurus, so I thought my dream would never come true.

Until, that is, I remembered that the Justice League sits around a big meeting table in chairs emblazoned with their own logos, and realized that was something that you could recreate on the cheap thanks to Entertainment Earth's line of Chair Capes. Chair Capes! They're capes! For your chair!



Okay, admittedly, they're not quite Justice League quality, and you do have to provide your own chair, but they can solve the nagging problem of having surfaces in your home that are not covered by superhero logos.

The Batman and Superman capes have been around for a while, but in September, the line will be expanding with Batgirl, in the classic TV show-style purple, and Wonder Woman, who does not actually wear a cape that often. Perhaps she, like you, prefers to leave it on her office chair.

There's also a Bizarro cape that was a San Diego exclusive, currently listed as out of stock, but it might be back in once everyone's recovered from Comic-Con, and it could be very useful in convincing your boss that you should only work two days a week and have the other five off.



[via Robot 6]


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