Who would win in a fight between Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman? Ribbons versus lariats? Invisible plane versus silver crystal? Sailor Scouts versus Amazon warriors? Sapphic overtones versus... well, honors even on that one.

In comics, the answer would come down to whoever was writing the book, but the real world has a different way of settling these questions. The dance-off. At the Streetstar Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, earlier this year, the two ladies met in the arena to see who would emerge triumphant. Their weapon of choice? Voguing. Now the video of that encounter has hit the YouTubes for everyone to enjoy.

The Streetstar festival is an international celebration of street dance styles, encompassing the ballroom scene that emerged from LGBT culture in Harlem in the 1980s. The ballroom scene saw rival "houses" go head to head on the dancefloor. Ballroom houses emerged from the LGBT club scene as replacement families for people forced to cut ties with their birth families, and ballroom became a way to show family pride.

In this confrontation, Lasseindra of the Paris branch of House of Ninja shows off her Wonder Woman realness against Finnish dancer Inxi of House of Prodigy in all her Sailor Moon fabulousness. This is the Streetstar final for the vogue femme contest; a variation on the fashion model-inspired vogue dance style with an emphasis on extreme sashaying and a lot of dramatic dips.


The MC works these ladies to the brink of exhaustion in a ballroom showdown for the ages. The judges pick their winner, and we'll let you watch the fight to see who it is, but as in all "who would win"s, you may have your own favorite.

Now this fight is settled, we'd like to see Hulk go up against Superman in a b-boy battle. Make it happen, universe.

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