When ComicsAlliance first heard that Gilbert Hernandez would write and draw a Wonder Woman story for DC's digital-first Sensation Comics anthology series, we were excited to see what the master Love & Rockets cartoonist would would do with the character. We also assumed he'd be the author of the story about Wonder Woman as a rock star.

Anyone following Sensation Comics now knows that the rock star story was Margeurite Sauvage's excellent work, while Hernandez spun a tale about a brainwashed Diana going toe-to-toe with fellow heroes Supergirl and Mary Marvel. The first half of his two-parter, "No Chains Can Hold Her," is already available. Courtesy of DC, this exclusive preview of part two, available this Thursday.


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Sensation Comics Chapter Fifteen is available for download Thursday November 20th via the DC Comics app, Comixology, Google Play, and the Kindle, Nook, and iBooks stores.