If there's one thing that we're definitely on the record as loving here at ComicsAlliance, it's task forces made up of color-coded heroes --- and it's even better if they all have some sort of specialty. And fortunately for us, we're only a week away from getting a new one in the form of Ashley Wood's String Divers.

Based on a line of action figures from Wood's 3A toys, String Divers follows the adventures of a team that sets out to battle tiny, tiny problems in the "worlds within worlds," apparently by punching them until they are no longer problems. The comic is written by IDW editor Chris Ryall with art by Judge Dredd's Nelson Daniel, and if a premise that sounds like Power Rangers meets Micronauts is something you're into, good news: We've got an exclusive extended preview to check out below!


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Ashley Wood


Here's the full solicitation:


String Divers #1
Chris Ryall (w) • Nelson Daniel (a) • Ashley Wood (c)
Meet the String Divers! A renegade team called upon to save the universe from arcane threats at the sub-microscopic level! String theory made real, and real thrilling, in “Unified Chaos Theory,” part 1!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Bullet Points:

  • The first in a coming universe of comics developed from Ashley Wood’s 3A Toys!
  • Fans of high-octane insanity and quantum physics—and who isn’t?—this is for you!
  • From the creators of Zombies vs Robot and Nelson “Judge Dredd” Daniel!


String Divers #1 will be on sale next Wednesday, August 12.