The most pleasant surprise of X-Men: Days of Future Past was Quicksilver, the speedy Marvel mutant played by Evan Peters. Although early promo photos made the character look, well, kind of lame, his big action sequence proved to be the best part of the previous X-sequel. It’s no surprise, then, that Peters has one of the best scenes in X-Men: Apocalypse, and a new video goes behind the scenes to show you how director Bryan Singer and his crew pulled it off.

The scene in question takes place at Xavier’s school and involves what Peters refers to as the “extraction.” It’s probably Quicksilver’s most formidable challenge yet, forcing him to rescue several people in what amounts to a blink of an eye.

Hopefully we’ll get a longer version of this featurette on the eventual DVD and Blu-ray release because the work that goes into building these Quicksilver scenes is kind of fascinating. Singer and the Apocalypse crew used special Phantom cameras, which capture 3,000 frames per second, to film the Quicksilver scenes. This allows them to take a split second and slow it way, way down, expanding that fraction of a second into 15.

And despite the many flaws of Apocalypse, it’s great to see how Singer applied practical effects to a film that’s so VFX-heavy. Say what you will about Oscar Isaac’s appearance, for instance, but consider how much sillier he might have looked if all of that had been done digitally.

X-Men: Apocalypse is currently in theaters.

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