A frequent source of found internet materials that have become popular ComicsAlliance posts, the Super Punch blog recently challenged readers to create their own posters for X-Men: First Class, the forthcoming feature film based on the Marvel Comics superheroes. The premise was simple and blunt: "The trailer for X-Men: First Class is stylish and sexy. But the posters are boring and ugly." However, the submissions were anything but, ranging from plain Photoshop manipulations to original illustrations and designs to fully realized credits animation. We've chosen some of the highlights for you below.Although it's meant to be set in the 1960s, the official posters for X-Men: First Class lack any indication of period or really any strong approach to design at all. The imagery is standard for genre movies, complete with that increasingly infuriating Bank Gothic font that is used for every poster, credit sequence or other text-based science fiction film/television component of the last decade. Honestly, it's getting to be as bad as ComicSans.

As such, Super Punch solicited better ideas from its readers. Below are some of our favorites.

The first and is a great animated credit sequence devised by Joe D.

Bryan Lenning

Rory Phillips

Clyde Bailey

John J. Freeze

Gruffydd Ywain

Josh Siegel

Michael Dee

Austen Lavery