It's been a while now since fans of "Perry Bible Fellowship" have been able to enjoy regular -- or any -- updates of the brilliantly twisted webcomic, and while we wish creator Nicholas Gurewitch the best in all his other endeavors, we must admit that the absence of the once-weekly strip has left a skub-shaped hole in our life.

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Fortunately for us, Gurewitch did make an appearance in the recent "Strange Tales" series, out this week in a hardcover collection, where he offered his take on Marvel's superhero characters along with a host of other indie cartoonists like Paul Pope, Peter Bagge, and Michael Kupperman. Gurewitch's story concerns the ill-fated love affair between Wolverine and Jean Grey, and the dangers of acting rashly whilst in a berserker rage. Gurewitch has mentioned that he may have more work on the way with Marvel, and all we can say is more, please.

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