We’ve known for some time now that Bryan Singer and Fox have been planning to release a “Rogue Cut” of X-Men: Days of Future Past, featuring 17 additional minutes of excised material — primarily Rogue’s plot, which had to be cut for time. Not only is there a DVD/Blu-ray release date for this alternate version of the film, but there’s also a theatrical  release date, in case you’d like to experience it on the big screen.

This week, Singer revealed the DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date of the Rogue Cut:



And while talking to MTV, Singer revealed that this version of the film will head to theaters on July 14, just three days before it’s available to purchase for home consumption.

I’ve never been one to do special editions or director’s cuts … but for the fist [sic] time, there was an opportunity with the ‘Rogue Cut’ to do something different, a different version of ‘Days of Future Past’ … it involves a lot of new scenes with Rogue, it’s also got a few scenes with Jennifer Lawrence, Nick Hoult and some other elements, with new visual effects, and other things I added to the film.

July 14 isn’t just a random date — it’s the 15th anniversary of Singer’s first X-Men, released in 2000.

So for all you Rogue fans out there, mark your calendars. You’ll be able to see your favorite untouchable mutant re-incorporated into the X-Men universe this summer.

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