Over the past few years, Yamato has released a series of statues based on the femme fatales of the DC universe with the art of Luis Royo providing the inspiration. While the DC Comics Collection has primarily focused on Batman's lethal ladies, the recent addition of Wonder Woman into the mix hints that there might be bigger plans for the line. As nice as it's been to see Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy get more time in the spotlight, there's a reason Wonder Woman is considered one of the big three heroes at DC.

The original version of the Wonder Woman statue released in the fall of 2015, but Entertainment Earth has a variant edition of the resin piece coming this year. The basic version featured Wonder Woman stepping across some rubble with her lasso of truth in hand, but the new EE exclusive will have Diana ready for battle with sword and shield in hand.

There are some other slight differences with this exclusive edition as well, included a slightly modified top that shows off more of Wonder Woman's midriff. The costume's paint app gets a bit of a tweak too, ditching the three-star pattern for a single-star design. The sword and shield she's holding are actually part of the original release, though they were merely added into the base as decoration, where here they actually are more prominent. It looks like the facial sculpt has been tweaked a tiny bit, with the eyes being shrunken and appearing more determined. This Wonder Woman still trends a little bit towards the cheesecake side, but it's nowhere near as drastic as Yamato's Catwoman redesign, and still keeps the character's basic tenets in tact.

You can get the full details on the statue below. The Yamato Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman Variant Resin Statue (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) will be out in March and can be pre-ordered now for $249.99.


Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Princess Diana of Themyscira, as envisioned by world-renowned artist Luis Royo, is brought to breathtaking 3D life by Shin Tanabe in this limited edition Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman Variant Resin Statue - Entertainment Earth Exclusive. With a numbered display plate, art card, and certificate of authenticity, Wonder Woman stands about 12 1/4-inches tall with her Lasso of Truth, indestructible vambraces, and golden tiara. The Entertainment Earth variant version features the Amazon with her shield and sword in her hands, wearing a different outfit that slightly exposes her chiseled midriff. Wonder Woman also sports a different pair of long red-and-silver boots!

The smoke and dust of debris swirl in the air as Wonder Woman slowly rises to her feet. Standing tall and defiant, Princess Diana of Themyscira reaches for her sword and makes her way amid the rubble to once more face her foe.


"Of all people, you know who I am… I'm Wonder Woman."

Limited edition statue from the designs of Luis Royo!

Exclusive variant features her shield and sword in hand, plus a different outfit deco!

Princess Diana of Themyscira stands about 12 1/4-inches tall.

Includes a numbered display plate, art card, and certificate of authenticity.


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Entertainment Earth
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