You are bound to have run into Yasmin Liang's artwork on the Web recently, whether it's been through her gender-swapped Justice League portrait or her stellar look at the most famous moms of the DCU. Her full-bodied illustration work includes a thick portfolio of Aquaman, Catwoman and Spider-Man pieces, as well as a webcomic, which is currently in mid-cliffhanger, titled Saint's Way.Liang's take on Nightrunner, Mass Effect and other fun experiments hang out on her website and deviantART account, where she plays around with all sorts of standard and re-imagined concepts. We're talking high-fashion sketches of Jimmy Olsen and Barbara Gordon, as well as a Team Fortress 2-inspired tribute to Harry Potter.

Her strong senses of anatomy and costume design glow in pretty much everything she touches. Moreover, she's got a solid sense of humor beneath it all, which looks kind of like Archer by way of Jamie McKelvie. Scope out a few of our favorite highlights after the jump and bask in the wonder.

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