Now that we're several years into digital comics being a going concern, the usual response to hearing that a publisher has joined up with Comixology tends to be something along the lines of, "Wait, they weren't on there already?" This week, though, we got one that's definitely worth talking about. Yen Press just made its debut on the digital comics platform, bringing almost 200 manga titles, including Fullmetal Alchemistthe Kingdom Hearts manga, and even the American manga adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels.

But what really matters here is this: Yotsuba&! is now on Comixology.



Created by Kiyohiko Azuma --- previously best known for his four-panel high school comedy Azumanga Daioh --- Yotsuba&! tells the story of a five year-old girl, Yotsuba, who moves to a new town and seems pleasantly surprised by literally everything, from her neighbors to local festivals to the very concept of schools. It's difficult to describe without making it sound cloying and saccharine, but it's pleasant, lighthearted, and genuinely hilarious --- especially once she meets the cardboard robot that's visiting next door.

That's in volume 5.

There are plenty of sample pages on Comixology if you've never read it, but this sequence from vol. 5, in which Yotsuba and her dad play a suspiciously combative game of rock-paper-scissors, really captures the spirit of the strip:



Despite a pretty long gap, Yotsuba&! is still ongoing, with 13 volumes currently available --- all of which are now on Comixology. And while there are certainly other titles available that are worth checking out, Yotsuba is the one that I can recommend to pretty much anyone. Give it a shot, if you haven't already!