Opinions were split around these parts after the November 26 debut of Young Justice. Some folks were into the show's premise, which sees the Justice League sending their assembled sidekicks on covert ops, while others could only muster praise for the series' animation. Those initial impressions are about to be put to the test in full, however, as YJ finally begins regular rotation beginning Friday, January 7 at 7 p.m. on Cartoon Network.Fans who weren't able to catch the November debut of the series will benefit most from the first two episodes, which are repeats of the two-part "Independence Day" story that sets the initial core team up. Those waiting for completely fresh material will have to wait a few weeks, but should see plenty of new content before January draws to a close. Considering her numerous appearances in promotional material and her full-fledged bio on the YJ site, perhaps Artemis will be showing up soon?

Check out CN's latest trailer below:

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