As fans make their peace with the cancellation of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block standby, Young Justice, Little Orbit is carrying on promoting its upcoming tie-in video game and its canonical storyline bridging the show's first and second seasons. Now due out on September 10 following a delay, Young Justice: Legacy will put players in control of squads consisting of different configurations of a dozen of their favorite heroes as they race around Earth-16 to rescue archaeologist Dr. Helena Sandsmark from Dr. Light and beat the villain in his quest to collect fragments of "an ancient statue of legendary power." Not only has LO revealed new box art for the title's upcoming Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii-U, PC and Steam ports, it's also begun rolling out new screen shots. You can take a look at the team striking a pose, plus the villainous Icicle Jr. manning some controls, after the jump.

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