Zatanna and Beast Boy have finally come out swinging/backwards-spell-saying/shapeshifting in Little Orbit's new Young Justice: Legacy video game teaser trailer. The heroes join ten other titanic teens including Superboy, Nightwing, Artemis, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Tempest, Cheshire, Miss Martian and Robin - meaning the only hero left to catch in action is Rocket. The gameplay footage in the trailer is pretty brief, and seems to revisit territory we've seen in the game's E3 build and even recent screen shots, but it's nice to see some new faces smashing purple bug-like robots in jungle ruins.

Fans of the Cartoon Network series have been antsy of late, what with the network putting its DC Nation block on hiatus and all, so it's nice to see that a game featuring a storyline bridging the show's first and second seasons is still moving forward as planned for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo 3DS/DS in 2013.

You can watch the Young Justice: Legacyteaser trailer below.

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