Z2 Comics will offer its first ever Free Comic Book Day title in 2016, Comics Lab, featuring work by Ian McGinty (Welcome to Showside), Chris Hunt (Carver: A Paris Story), Jarrett Williams (Super Pro KO), Alexis Zirritt (Teen Dog), with a cover from Tyler Boss (Lazarus). The anthology is built around the theme of... comics, with all stories featuring Z2 Comics characters.

Z2 is a New York City-based boutique comics press that has previously published graphic novels by Paul Pope, Dean Haspiel and Miss Lasko-Gross, as well as creator-owned single issue comics.

Exclusive to Comics Alliance, Z2 also revealed the covers and synopses for its March releases:


Natacha Bustos



Just when it seemed as though Allen might finally be getting somewhere with Madeleine, a literal knight in shining armor arrives and proves to be a formidable opponent in the battle for her affections.


Allen: Son of Hellcock tells the story of the unimposing son of a legendary hero, and the burden his parentage places on him. It's written by Will Tracy and Gabe Koplowitz, with art by Miguel Porto. Issue #4 features a cover by Natacha Bustos (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur).


Ian McGinty


As the final hour approaches, Kit, Moon & Belle must face impossible odds in order to liberate the citizens of Showside from Frank the Lesser Demon's tyranny and save, not only their beloved town, but also the universe! Can Kit make the ultimate sacrifice in order to help his friends and their families, and will Frank & his underlings finally be de-powered and sent back to the Nexus? It all concludes here, with plenty of mallobutter waffles to spare!


Welcome to Showside is the first creator-owned work by Bravest Warriors artist Ian McGinty. It focuses on fun-loving Kit and his friends Moon, an apprentice sorceress, and Belle, a demon hunter, as they defend their town from demons.


Chris Hunt



A greater threat emerges in the eleventh hour, forcing Carver to make a decision that he never prepared for. It will require an uneasy alliance with a dark figure from his past in a desperate play for time, as Francis reaches the conclusion of his Paris story.

Carver: A Paris Story features story and art by Chris Hunt. Hunt explains, "The character of Francis Carver is based on my childhood heroes Indiana Jones and Ernest Hemingway, while the book pays homage to Corto Maltese."