Zack Snyder likes to tweet photos from the set of his movies. They’re usually first looks at cool stuff like costumes and Batmobiles and whatnot. So it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Snyder to tweet something like this yesterday:

It would be a little more out of the ordinary for him to tweet a photo of him playing dress-up (and not really committing to it all that hard, what with only one Batman gauntlet) and not have some ulterior motive. So what’s going on in this picture? Well there’s a lot of bottled water. There’s a nice lamp. There’s a takeout container. And some headphones. There’s some kind of weapon sitting in the background over Snyder’s left shoulder. And there’s whatever Snyder’s sketching on his iPad. When you flip the tablet over and zoom in, this is what you find (via Empire):


That sure looks like Deathstroke, the one-eyed assassin who’s already been teased as a future member of the DCEU by Ben Affleck (in a tweet that was shared a whopping 53,000 times) and will be played in future movies by Joe Manganiello. It’s possible Snyder is looking over storyboards for Affleck’s Batman solo film, where Deathstroke will definitely appear, but it’s also possible he’s giving a hint that Deathstroke will appear even sooner than that, in his Justice League movie.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17. 2017. It’s kind of crazy that in less than a year there will be a Justice League movie. What a world.

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