Hot on the heels of yesterday's teaser about the Batmobile that's going to be appearing in Man of Steel 2, AKA Batman Vs. Superman, AKA Justice League Prequel: Avengers Made A Billion Dollars So I Guess We're Doing That Now, director Zack Snyder has delivered on his promise by revealing not just more of the car, but, in a surprising twist, Batman himself, as played by Ben Affleck.

As for the Batmobile, well, we still don't get a very good look at it, but considering that Batman himself shows up, I think that's as fair a tradeoff as we can be expecting. And if you were worried that he might not be frowning enough, set your mind at ease. He definitely looks pretty upset for a dude standing next to a rocket car. Maybe he's bummed because everything is under an inch of soot?

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Batman and Batmobile, via Zack Snyder


Judging by the short ears and the larger symbol on Batman's chest and the idea of making it look more like a costume and less like functional body armor, the costume that Ben Affleck will be sporting on the big screen next year on May 6 is clearly inspired by Frank Miller's classic The Dark Knight Returns:


The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller


The difference, of course, is that Affleck and Snyder's costume appears to be, much like the Batman's armored suit from the Nolan films, black on black with a black belt. This makes sense, because, as we learned in Man of Steel, colors are for tiny little babies.

On a more charitable note, I will say that I like de-emphasizing the body armor aspect of the costume to return it to looking more like something a person would wear to accentuate their own musculature. I mean, I'm pretty sure Ben Affleck and Big E Langston did not switch bodies during filming, but that part of it, at least, is a good look.

Dude still can't turn his head, though.



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