Zatanna is getting a promotion. Last night on Twitter, Justice League writer Geoff Johns revealed that the DCU's foremost magician will be joining its flagship team, starting with July's Justice League #22. The issue will also feature the debut of a new look for Zatanna, which takes inspiration from two previous designs for the character.Zatanna's new design, complete with cape and fishnets (on her legs rather than her arms), is a nod to her costume from the Justice League Detroit era, while also incorporating the performance magician-themed look she had before the launch of the New 52.

While many of the New 52 costume redesigns were met with a mix of of happiness and consternation, few new costumes seemed to bother fans more than the one given to Zatanna during her time as a member of Justice League Dark. Initial fan reaction aside, the updated look was necessary, as her leather pants and forearm fishnets would likely have not meshed well with the aesthetic of the rest of the Justice League team.

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